Marie Kondo has acclaimed worldwide fame for her KonMari MethodTM (KMM) of tidying. Her six step process has been adopted to change the lives of many and help declutter homes. Marie Kondo’s six steps neatly align with how financial planning works and can deliver results to tidy your finances.

Imagine your ideal lifestyle

Rule 2 of the KMM is to imagine your ideal lifestyle. Like tidying, financial planning is also best executed when starting with the end in mind. Integrate thoughts of why a new approach to managing your money represents a turning point for you.

Having a clear end goal can keep you motivated towards building your ideal life.

Discard things that don’t spark joy

We all spend money on things that don’t bring us joy. Mari Kondo recommends you gratefully discard all items that don’t spark joy. Maybe we should so the same with our spending? Here’s two that I’m sure most of us are guilty of …

  • 4th alcoholic drink onwards on a Saturday night.
  • Monthly Amazon prime subscription (do you really need that the next day?).

By looking at your expenditure and noticing if the money leaving your account brings you joy, you could reduce your expenditure. This could give you more money for experiences and things that genuinely do bring you joy.

It’s a marathon not a sprint

Ingrained in Kon Mari’s method is the philosophy that intermittent decluttering may result in brief moments of tranquillity, but the clutter will always come back. To make permanent change and set you on the path to a better life, you must set aside time for the task. It’s a process of tidy’ING’ and financial plann’ING’ not tidy and financial plan.

There’s only so much outsourcing of tidying or financial advice that you can do. Having a trusted partner will help, but you also have to buy into the process to deliver positive outcomes. Maybe it’s time to tidy your finances with the commitment it deserves.

If you’ve undertaken the KonMari Method or something similar, I’d be interested to hear how you’ve kept momentum?

This article was written by Gregory Deer at Muvado Money Limited, an appointed representative of Sense Network Limited. Dated 18th April 2023.

Remember that when investing your capital is at risk. The value of your investment (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. Investments should be considered over the longer term and should fit in with your overall attitude to risk and financial circumstances.