We like our fees to be easy to understand.

There is a simple fixed fee for the MUVADO 100 Day Plan and a monthly subscription for being a MUVADO member. The amount payable depends on the level of service you require: taking flight, gaining altitude, or flying high. Further details on which of those applies to you below.

We don’t think it’s right that people with more in their investments pay more for the same level of service and % fees eat directly into your investment returns, so we don’t charge a % of assets under management. Ever.

Should you have to pay us an initial fee to contribute to your investments? We don’t think so. Zero initial fees.

If you’re no longer seeing the value of being a Muvado member (speak to us first), you can leave us (☹️) and take your investments with you and we won’t charge a penny. Zero exit fees.

We can discuss our fees in more detail at our initial phone call.

Financial planning for families at fixed costs

New parents

We recognise the pressures of being a new parent and the financial impact parental leave can have on your budget. To allow for this, the Muvado membership subscription will reduce whilst you’re on parental leave.

Membership Subscriptions

Our membership subscription is based on the time we expect it will take to provide an outstanding service, plus the level technical expertise needed to deliver personalised advice given your circumstances. We believe it is fair that all members provided with the same level of service pay the same.

Your subscription can be paid flexibly from the best place to suit you. If you’re restricted to the amount you can put into a pension, you might not want fees depleting a tax efficient savings option. Equally, if your employer is putting 10% of your salary into a pension each year, your pension might be the ideal place to have part of your financial planner’s fees paid from.

By not charging based on the amount of investments you have, you always know what you are paying and know that we are providing value for money.

Financial advice for high earners not rich yet. Climbing corporate ladder, career builders and lower value retirees.

Taking flight 100-day plan and membership

You’re getting off the ground and have your sights set on getting to the top. You’re taking flight and Muvado is ready to help you go higher.

You’ve started earning enough to put some savings away each month and living a nice lifestyle while doing it. You’re starting to think about the future and wonder if your money is going in the right places to fund your next house move and to not be working until age 80.

Our taking flight 100 day plan can help you create clarity on where you are and what’s possible. We let you know how to make your money work harder and map out a possible future path. You can find more information about our 100 day plan here. Our 100 day plan for those taking flight is £995 if you are single or £1,495 if there’s two adults in the household.

Joining the membership at the taking flight stage can further your ambitions and coach you on the journey to financial security and freedom. Regular check ins and in depth analysis of your financial situation keeps you on track and continuously optimises your position. The taking flight membership is £175 a month for an individual and £245 a month for a couple.

Financial advice for getting towards retirement or near top of corporate ladder.

Gaining Altitude

You’ve hit a stage in your career where your income comfortably meets your everyday expenditure and you’re even able to afford a few luxuries you didn’t realise you needed. That comes at a price; you work hard. You’re lacking a bit of work life balance and maybe don’t always have the family time you want or need.

As a consequence, your money is everywhere and you haven’t thought about it. Or you have thought about it, but the ongoing management is another stress you don’t need right now. You understand the need for a plan as you need a pathway to stop work but haven’t had time to think about it, let alone talk about it with those closest to you.

Through the gaining altitude 100 day plan, Muvado is the perfect partner to delegate some thinking to. You provide the direction and Muvado can analyse your situation and help you take action towards your ideal future. At this stage of your career tax efficiency is key. Having your savings invested correctly and being set on a path to financial independence can feel rewarding. The days where you don’t have to work are coming. To get that clarity, our 100 day plan is £1,995 for singles and £2,995 for couples.

The Muvado membership is perfect if you’re short of time and headspace to manage your money. As your delegated partner, Muvado can remove the financial administration weight from your shoulders, operating in the background with check ins to suit you. We’ll keep your finances on track and allow you to develop your career further (you’re doing a fine job!). As a member, we adapt your plan to the changing legislation (we’ve seen a lot of that in recent years!) and focus on controlling what can be controlled to provide you with the best possible future. Members who are gaining altitude pay £345 a month for one person and joint membership is £495 a month.

Financial advice for senior executives and wealthy families.

Flying High

You feel like you’ve almost summitted the mountain and you’re settled with some financial security in savings. Problem is, with this financial security comes complexity. Taxes you didn’t know existed are coming to bite you and you don’t know how best to structure your income to build your ideal life. You’d like to stop work soon and support your children into their future. Can you have it all?

You have multiple financial arrangements that you’d like to be optimised and you’re concerned about managing tax. Work is taking it out of you and you’re wondering when you can stop or move to those non-executive director roles where your experiences will be valued. Maybe a career change or a decrease to your hours is what you are striving for.

Muvado has the expertise to navigate your tax position, get your savings in the right places to meet your objectives and provide a balanced view of what’s possible. The flying high 100 day plan is essential to bring some financial organisation to the chaos that we often see with high flyers. Investments bought here, side hustles there, an array of pension policies form previous employments and a load of cash. That needs organising. Fast. To take quick action and get you to a better place, the flying high 100 day plan is £2,995 for a single person household and £4,495 for couples.

You’re flying high and the complexity is ongoing. Through the MUVADO membership you can have a trusted guide in an ever changing landscape. MUVADO will save you time and money and help you to create a money mother dough to support your projected lifestyle and to build the inter-generational wealth you could be striving for. Monthly subscription is £495 for singles and £745 for couples. 

Fixed fee ongoing financial advice.