Free initial call and discovery meeting

The Journey


An initial call allows us to understand what problems you are facing and provide some context of where you find yourself. We will learn more about what you’re looking for from a financial planner and you can ask us anything you like.

We will probably chat for 20-30 minutes and if we’re a potential match, we’ll book a discovery meeting either by video call or in person to find out more.

There’s no charge for an initial call. In fact, we love speaking to potential MUVADO members so why not book a call now.


The discovery meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other better. We work to understand your past experiences with money and what money means to you. What you love about your life right now and what you don’t like so much. What does your ideal future look like?

We’ll also start to build a picture of your current financial position and explain how MUVADO can help you moving forward.


There’s always a lot to do at the start and that’s why we get to work with MUVADO’s 100 day plan. Think new US presidency; you are the president with the vision and looking to deliver on your key objectives in your first 100 days; MUVADO is your chief of staff making things happen.

The MUVADO 100 Day Plan is not always 100 days. If you’re super efficient and get things done quickly it could be way less than 100 days. Equally, if something comes up for you and we struggle to make progress quickly, we won’t down tools after 100 days. You pay for the service and not the amount of time it takes.

Within the 100 day plan we analyse your current financial position, project your financial future and prepare personal recommendations. For more information on what’s included, head here.


A plan is only as good as the actions taken from it.

There will be some paperwork (snore), but it’s all necessary to put you on the right path to get to where you want to be. MUVADO will implement our recommendations and keep you updated as we do it.


That’s it, you can now choose to become a fully fledged member of MUVADO. A partnership that will keep you on track to get to where you want to be.

There’s a whole load of benefits of being a member of MUVADO. The main one is you can rest easy about your money. Your money is in the right place, we’re at the end of the phone if you have any questions and you’re taking actions your future self will thank you for. No regrets.

To learn more about the membership, this page has a load more information!

Financial planning journey infographic